For several years now I have understood that, for me (these things are always subjective), the best information comes from the so-called "slow news", i.e. these formats that allow for in-depth analysis and analysis compared to the speed and superficiality of much news today. While news sites, TV and radio seem to increasingly “rush” to report the latest news, I prefer to feed myself with content that takes the time to focus on a specific topic.

This is why podcasts and newsletters are my favorite sources for staying up to date. Listening to an in-depth podcast or reading a targeted newsletter on a particular topic allows you to truly understand it and form an informed opinion. In a world dominated by soundbites and titles click catcher, superior intellectual nourishment is always something to be valued.

In this article, the disruptive team (me, Gabriele and Giorgio) offers you 36 newsletters that you should absolutely read if you are interested in technology, innovation and all the topics we talk about in our podcast. While some are paid, they are absolutely worth it for the insight and unique perspective they offer.

You will first find our selection of general newsletters, and then the one specifically dedicated to Blockchain, Bitcoin and Web3.

Our personal advice: finding the newsletters that are really right for you can take time and patience. Our suggestion is to proceed gradually, subscribing to groups of 3-4 newsletters at a time, perhaps sharing similar themes. After a few weeks, take stock of which ones convinced you the most and keep only those, kindly unsubscribing from the others. Repeat the process by including new newsletters in the rotation. Don't be afraid to try different newsletters until you find the ones that perfectly fit your interests and reading style. The ideal newsletter is out there, ready to land in your email inbox. All you need to do is arm yourself with curiosity and resourcefulness to find it!

Technologies / Science

Kevin Escoda professional photoshoot

Strategy (site linklink to subscribe)

Weekly insights from Ben Thompson, expert business and strategy analyst in the technology sector. Rational and stimulating analyses.

Latest topics: big tech, antitrust, future of social media.

The Diff (link)

Bimonthly edited by investor Byrne Hobart. Each issue is a long, dense essay that explores the future of technology and its impact on society. For those who love to think big.

Latest essays: artificial intelligence, creativity economy.

Gabriele Gangemi

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The Quantum Insider (link)

Weekly updates on news in the field of quantum computing. Everything you need to know in summary format.

Latest topics: new quantum chips, algorithmic advances, investments.

Big Technology (link)

Weekly newsletter from Alex Kantrowitz decoding emerging trends in the tech world and what they mean. Attractive style and unique perspective.

Latest trends: Web3, augmented reality, startups.

Gabriele Gangemi

Gabriele Gangemi

The Hustle (link)

Daily newsletter that covers the latest news on technology, business, science and pop culture with irreverent style. Perfect for starting the day with curiosity and lightness.

Latest topics: artificial intelligence, metaverse, cryptocurrencies, trends on TikTok.

AG Data News (link)

Intelligent farming, sustainability, food production technologies… Discover how data becomes an essential tool in the agricultural world.

Latest topics: data science for nutrition, global agriculture, “responsible AI”.

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Upstream AG (link)

Upstream Ag Professional is a weekly newsletter providing curated news and evergreen insights and analysis at the intersection of innovation and business in agriculture.

Latest topics: AI large language models for agronomy, incumbent innovation, supply chain.

The Register (link)

Irreverent British tech magazine. The newsletter version offers a daily selection of curious news and sarcastic comments on technology. To be read with a sense of humor.

Gabriele Gangemi

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The Cosmic Companion (link)

Weekly insights into astronomy and space exploration to daydream. Written by astrophysicists and space scientists.

Latest topics: black holes, exoplanets, Webb telescope.

The Verge (link)

A set of newsletters (Command Line, Hot Pod, Verge Deals and Installer) to receive news on the tech world, offers but also culture and music.

Kevin Escoda professional photoshoot

Kevin Escoda professional photoshoot

The Signal (link)

Monthly insights into online privacy and security, and the risks of mass surveillance. To reflect on crucial issues.

Latest articles: data broker, tracking, social media.

Beth Kindig's Premium Research (link)

Weekly analyzes by the well-known tech analyst to understand where to invest in innovation.

Latest reports: artificial intelligence, electric vehicles, semiconductors.

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Gabriele Gangemi

Analytics News (link)

Every week it provides the most important financial news of the week in just 5 minutes, in an engaging but professional and serious way.

Themes: macro-economics, FED, market news.

Exponential View (link)

Weekly newsletter exploring technology, society and the future.

It provides in-depth analysis on topics such as AI, quantum computing, AR/VR and more.

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Future Crunch (link)

A dose of optimism about science and technology. Highlight positive news on gene editing, clean energy, medicine, space exploration.

Divinations (link)

Newsletter edited by Nathan Baschez with a leitmotif: to help you become smarter about your business strategies.

Provides in-depth analysis on AI, content design, social media…

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Gabriele Gangemi

Margins (link)

Intelligent and wise commentary on technology, business and culture.

Recent topics include the metaverse, NFTs, startup funding.

Blockchain / Bitcoin

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Bankless (link)

Biweekly newsletter dedicated to decentralized finance and the Ethereum blockchain, published by a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

It delves into key topics such as decentralized exchanges, DeFi protocols, NFTs, the tokenomics behind cryptocurrencies, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

CoinDesk (link)

The newsletters offered by the Coindesk media are of high quality and very often offer informative insights. I especially recommend The Node, Money Reimagined And The Protocol, but they are all of great interest.

Includes data and graphs on capitalizations, volumes, prices and technical analyses. It also covers regulatory and business impacts.

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Gabriele Gangemi

Decrypt Newsletters (link)

Set of newsletters (Daily Debrief, Decrypting DeFi, Generally Intelligent for AI...) from the Decrypt media with the most important news and events in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, and various insights into DeFi and AI.

The articles cover a wide range of topics including new projects, legislation, market analysis, interviews.

The Defiant (link)

Newsletter focused on decentralized finance and the EVM ecosystem, published daily.

Includes original articles, exclusive news, market data and in-depth analysis on stablecoins, DeFi protocols, NFTs and more.

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Gabriele Gangemi

Messari Unqualified Opinion (link)

Daily newsletter curated by the research team of Messari, a leading company in the blockchain data and analysis sector, and its CEO, Ryan Selkis. An informed and educational web3 vision.

Contains short highlights and selected news on cryptomarkets, stablecoins, exchanges and other topics.

Unchained (site linklink to subscribe)

Weekly podcast and related newsletter managed by Laura Shin, well-known journalist and anchor woman specializing in cryptocurrencies.

The episodes deal with relevant topics with interviews with experts and leading players in the sector.

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Gabriele Gangemi

Cointelegraph Markets Pro (link)

Cointelegraph's paid newsletter offering professional analysis of the crypto markets.

Includes on-chain reports, key metrics, price forecasts and outlook for investors and industry players.

Bitcoin Archive (link)

Newsletter focused on Bitcoin, with news, various insights, analyzes and comments on the market

Covers Bitcoin ETF, institutional adoption, Bitcoin for big retail…

Gabriele Gangemi

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Bitblinker (link)

The evolution of Bitcoin over time and the social issues connected to it: privacy, economics, political philosophy and freedom.

It includes topics as varied as technological progress in Keynesianism, the digital Euro and stateless welfare.

Li's Newsletter (link)

Newsletter about web3 and its implications on consumers, creators and the world.

Latest topics: ownership and web3, decentralization and media, community token.

Gabriele Gangemi

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Bitcoin Magazine PRO (link)

Bitcoin Magazine's premium newsletter with all the news and insights needed for Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts.

Covers pricing, mining, regulatory developments, institutional adoption and more.

The Week Onchain Newsletter by Glassnode (link)

My favorite when it comes to on-chain analytics!

Every week, it offers insights and on-chain analyzes on the market.

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Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Token Terminal (link)

Weekly news and analyzes on the crypto world, with various insights into tokenomics.

It offers insights into the crypto ecosystem, the token economy and DAOs.

The Bitcoin Layer (link)

Published three times a week, The Bitcoin Layer provides timely analysis and in-depth research on Bitcoin.

He talks about Bitcoin, but also about macro-economics, Lightning Network, price studies…

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Gabriele Gangemi

The Pomp Letter (link)

Paid newsletter edited by Anthony Pompliano, one of the most well-known crypto investors and analysts.

It offers reports and insights on forecasts, emerging trends and opportunities in the sector.

The Defi Edge (link)

Settimamale newsletter with a review of the week's main news and insights on DeFi.

Latest topics: Arbitrum, Venture Capital, Layer 2

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Giorgio Alessandro Motta

Maven11 Research (link)

Research and technical analysis newsletter by Maven 11, the crypto-native crypto-native fund.

It offers reports and insights on cross-chain solutions, MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) and other technical topics related to the scope.

The Daily Gwei (link)

Three-weekly newsletter dedicated to Ethereum and decentralized finance.

Dives into the latest developments on scaling, new DeFi protocols, NFT projects and other key topics.

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Do you know any other interesting newsletters that would deserve to be included? Leave a comment below with your suggestions!

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