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Today we will talk about autonomous AI agents, these tools that allow you to make the best use of AI for certain tasks.

What is it about?

Simply put, autonomous agents are programs capable of making decisions and taking actions independently to achieve predefined goals, with minimal human intervention.
To be concrete, while “chatgpt” will be conversational, autonomous agents require a single prompt to perform a series of tasks in a more or medium autonomous way (you will, in most cases, have the possibility to direct the agent during its work) .

Among the best known are AutoGPT, And BabyAGI. Both use the ChatGPT API, but unlike the latter, as I mentioned, they do not need continuous interactions with the user.

For example, if we tell AutoGPT to plan a birthday party, it will be able to choose the theme, create the guest list, send invitations, purchase gifts and organize the catering in complete autonomy.

Anthropic's Claude, Anthropic's Constitutional AI and Cognosys are pushing these capabilities even further, with AI agents capable of continuously learning from interactions, or diversifying the form of inputs and outputs (text, tables, pdf files…).

The fields of application are numerous, although it could be compared to a sort of digital assistant. From the automation of business processes, to support in writing code, to email management. Personally I find it very useful in the preliminary research of numerous tasks.

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