Multilingual module

From this moment, the Disruptive Talks website becomes multilingual and is also available in English, French and Spanish, as well as in Italian.

As you know, our community is truly international, with family and friends in France, Spain and beyond. We want everyone to have access to Disruptive Talks content in their own language.

For this reason we have implemented a simple selection bar at the bottom of the site, which allows you to change language with one click. Each page and article will then be translated into the 4 supported languages.

Additionally, each piece of content will have a unique URL for each language, so you can share the most relevant version with your international contacts.

Disruptive Talks in original language (Italian):

In English:

In French:

And finally, in Spanish:

This isn't a revolution, but we think it can be a useful tool for breaking down language barriers and reaching new people who are passionate about technology around the world.

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