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[Questa discussione si vuole essere complementare al focus sulla guerra commerciale sui microchip tra USA e CINA disponibile sul blog o nel episodio S01E03]

Artificial intelligence is rapidly evolving and spreading in our society. Generative AI systems such as GPT-3 and DALL-E 2 are demonstrating impressive capabilities to generate text and images autonomously.

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In this episode of the podcast, we hosted Giacomo Ciarlini to discuss how these technologies are changing the world. Giacomo explained to us how generative AI works and its enormous automation potential in many fields, from office automation to finance.

At the same time, AI poses new ethical and social challenges. Systems reflect the data they are trained with, potentially amplifying biases. New skills and a responsible approach are needed to better manage these tools without passively suffering their consequences.

We also addressed the geopolitical issue, how leadership in AI is disputed between the USA and China, with profound implications on global balances. Europe is struggling to compete in this technological race, and for Giacomo it could move closer to China to cooperate on the ethical and governance level of AI.

Our guest is a profound expert on these topics, as well as a passionate popularizer. With his experience in ML engineering and his project Virgil (an open source initiative that aims to guide and guide anyone in the world of Data Science) aims to spread the culture of AI and data science to the maximum.

His contribution helps us better understand the challenges that await us in this new era of artificial intelligence. A stimulating conversation that deserves to be explored further.

About Giacomo Ciarlini:

“I have a background in applied machine learning engineering and a deep passion for writing, teaching, and public speaking. During my career as a Machine Learning Engineer I have held both technical and functional roles, developing Machine Learning solutions for high-profile clients in Italy. I am the founder of Virgilio, an internationally recognized Open Source project, which aims to teach Data Science from the basics, for free, through more than 50 high-quality articles and guides. Other relevant details: I'm a giant tech, gaming, finance nerd, and my favorite activity is having deep conversations with people smarter than me. If you want to have a chat about AI/Tech or another topic I might find interesting, feel free to write to me.”

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