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The adoption of blockchain by financial institutions is constantly growing. Consequently, the regulatory framework is also adapting to regulate the use of this innovative technology.

Our guest Emanuele Gambula addressed the issue of the DLT Pilot Regime in detail, explaining how this regulatory regime will allow market infrastructures to experiment with blockchain-based solutions, outlining the scope of action.

During the conversation, he covered various legal, regulatory and technical aspects related to the implementation of blockchain in the financial sector, offering us a clear vision of this new European regulatory framework.

A discussion of great interest for those seeking to understand the legal and regulatory developments underway in the blockchain field.

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About Emanuele Gambula:

Emanuele Gambula is a lawyer with a great passion for technological and digital innovation. Despite his traditional legal training, he has always cultivated unusual interests for a legal future, such as programming, cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies.

After obtaining a master's degree in Law, he began to specialize in the emerging legal sector of blockchain, discussing a thesis on the application of blockchain technology in the civil procedural field. He subsequently obtained various courses and certifications, including the ZETA Master or that of the Herbert Smith Freehills Digital Law Group.

In addition to the academic aspect, Emanuele has gained concrete experience in the blockchain world by collaborating with one of the most important international law firms. His path demonstrates how it is possible, indeed desirable, to combine technological and legal skills to understand and shape the digital future.

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