S01E04: The NewsTalk – Week of 30 October 2023 (Plan B Lugano, Bitcoin ETF and Quantum Computing)

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S01E04: The NewsTalk - Week of 30 October 2023 (Plan B Lugano, Bitcoin ETF and Quantum Computing)
Pill extracted from episode S01E04 of the "Disruptive Talks" podcast: see the complete program of the episode on this page.

Let's meet Gabriele again for this new appointment with NEWSTALK. He will tell us about his (new) visit to Lugano on the occasion of the Bitcoin Forum Plan B, a reference event for the international blockchain community.

In addition to this interlude, as always we offer you a selection of the most interesting tech news in the world of blockchain, artificial intelligence and innovation in general. Our goal is to keep you updated on the emerging technologies that are shaping the future, filtering out the background noise and getting to the essence of what's new with a critical slant.


In the blockchain field, Gabriele tells us about his visit to Plan B, the blockchain city wanted by Charles Hoskinson in Lugano. A fascinating experiment that we will hear more about.

As regards Bitcoin ETFs, in recent days the news of a possible launch by BlackRock has spread, which was promptly denied. But there is much more, and we recommend you listen to us to find out the juiciest details!

Finally, Ledger announced a new service to protect seed phrases in an innovative way. An interesting solution to better protect your assets.

More news

We're talking quantum computing, with IonQ hitting a milestone with a 29 algorithmic qubit quantum computer on the Barium platform. We will explain all this to you simply.

And speaking of progress, it seems that CERN has managed to achieve superconductivity at “only” -17 degrees. A first step towards the Holy Grail of room temperature superconductivity.

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