S01E05: The NewsTalk – First complete eye transplant

The Newstalk (single)
The Newstalk (single)
S01E05: The NewsTalk - First complete eye transplant
Newstalk excerpt from episode S01E05 of the "Disruptive Talks" podcast: to see the complete program of the episode, visit this page. 
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An American citizen has made history in medicine by receiving the first complete eye transplant. The surgery, performed by a team of surgeons at NYU Langone Health in New York, lasted about 21 hours and included the replacement of the left eye, orbit, nose, lips and other facial tissue. The patient, Aaron James, suffered a serious accident at work, has not yet recovered his sight, but the eye shows signs of excellent health and active blood flow to the retina.

  • The operation represents hope for those who have lost the use of one eye.
  • The main difficulty was re-establishing the connection with the brain through the optic nerve.
  • The surprising results pave the way for future research and development.

Vision of the future and accessibility of care

Looking to the future, we ask: in a world where such interventions become routine, how will we ensure accessibility to these revolutionary treatments? This innovation challenges us to think about a healthcare system that is fair and inclusive, where every individual has the opportunity to look at the world with new eyes.

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