S01E05: The NewsTalk – OpenAI's GPT Custom, AI's “App Store” moment

The Newstalk (single)
The Newstalk (single)
S01E05: The NewsTalk - OpenAI's GPT Custom, AI's "App Store" moment
Newstalk excerpt from episode S01E05 of the "Disruptive Talks" podcast: to see the complete program of the episode, visit this page. 
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OpenAI recently announced a significant breakthrough in artificial intelligence: the ability to build custom AI applications within ChatGPT. This innovation, called “GPTs” (personalized ChatGPTs), allows anyone, even without programming experience, to develop AI chatbots tailored to specific needs.

The situation

OpenAI has introduced a set of tools that make ChatGPT customization accessible to everyone. Users can now develop AI applications in minutes, using an intuitive interface that requires no coding. These tools include:

  • GPT Builder: A platform for developing AI applications
  • GPT Library: A library that collects all the GPTs created by OpenAI
  • GPT Store: An online store where you can publish your GPTs and receive a share of the revenue generated

Application Examples

  • Zapier AI Actions: A GPT that performs actions based on user requests across over 6000 applications
  • CanvaGPT: A GPT that creates and edits visual materials
  • LinkedinGPT: A GPT that optimizes posts on LinkedIn and identifies the best times to publish them


OpenAI's announcement represents a potentially revolutionary change to how we interact with AI. It not only democratizes access to AI technology, but also paves the way for a new category of professionals: the creators of GPTs. This innovation could have a significant impact on many sectors and professions, creating new business opportunities and ways of working.

However, issues related to security, privacy, and ethics also arise. It will be essential to establish clear guidelines to ensure that these technologies are used responsibly.

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