S01E05: The NewsTalk – Week of November 13, 2023 (EU AI Act, Gen Ai for Business, GPT Customs, NFT Starbucks Odyssey, European Space Summit…)

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S01E05: The NewsTalk - Week of November 13, 2023 (EU AI Act, Gen Ai for Business, GPT Customs, NFT Starbucks Odyssey, European Space Summit...)
Excerpt from episode S01E05 of the "Disruptive Talks" podcast: to see the complete program of the episode, visit this page. 
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NewsTalk comes to life with the new Disruptive Talks formula! Now at the beginning of the program, this section becomes even more substantial to compensate for the conclusion of the Punto Bitcoin and Punto AI columns.

For this episode of the podcast we hosted Miro Radenovic, a true architect of the Web3 sector in Italy. As a result, we talk a lot about Web3 in this episode, even in NewsTalk!

Here is the program (shortly, the set of points available in individual pills on the site or on our YouTube channel):

Artificial intelligence

    • The European Union is facing a decisive moment in the regulation of artificial intelligence with the proposed EU AI Act, which aims to ensure safety and respect for fundamental rights in the use of AI. However, the legislative process has stalled due to opposition from France and Germany, influenced by domestic AI companies, towards regulating AI “fundamental models”.
  • Generative AI: an uncertain immediate future
    • Generative artificial intelligence, or generative AI, is attracting great interest and billion-dollar valuations, but its immediate future is uncertain. While the majority of current earnings come from writing code and texts, there are questions about its practical usefulness and real benefits. Doubts that we do not share. But to be totally neutral, we offer you a list of reasons why it could succeed or fail in the short term.
  • Custom GPT: the “Apple Store” moment of OpenAI and generative artificial intelligence
    • OpenAI revolutionizes the sector with the introduction of customized "GPTs", making the creation of customized AI agents a process accessible even to those without programming skills. Gabriele tells you about the intuitive tools such as GPT Builder, Library and Store, customizing ChatGPT becomes child's play, offering infinite application possibilities in various sectors.

Blockchain (WEB3 Special)

  • The Web3 custody: an example with the new web3 wallet from… Binance!
    • Navigating the world of DeFi can be complicated, but Binance launches a multichain web3 wallet to simplify the process. Integrated directly into the Binance app, the wallet eliminates the need to separately manage a seed phrase (SP) thanks to Multi-Party Computation (MPC) technology that divides the SP into three secure parts: one part held by Binance, one stored on the user device and the last one encrypted by the recovery password, for example on iCloud.
  • Companies and Web3: the adoption of NFTs as a growth strategy
    • Companies are exploring Web3 and NFTs for several strategic reasons. The introduction of NFTs allows you to attract new customers and create a loyal community around the brand, increasing engagement. NFTs also offer a sense of exclusive ownership to consumers and allow companies to track purchasing habits via on-chain activity.
  • Starbucks Odyssey: Brief Use Case of the NFT Program
    • Starbucks extends its loyalty program with Starbucks Odyssey, an exclusive experience that combines NFTs and interactive games. Participants, selected via a waiting list, can earn NFTs on the Polygon network by completing specific tasks.

Regenerative medicine

  • First complete eye transplant
    • Aaron James, an American veteran, made medical history with the first whole eye transplant. The operation, conducted by the team at NYU Langone Health in New York, replaced not only the left eye but also significant parts of the face, marking an unprecedented advance in regenerative medicine.

Space sciences

  • Future of the European space at the Seville Summit: a decisive turning point
    • The Seville summit marked a turning point for space Europe, with ESA and its 22 member countries discussing their role in the space race. In a difficult year, marked by the retirement of Ariane 5 and the dominance of SpaceX, Europe has had to address its growing dependence on the external space sector. 

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