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The Discussion 💬

To better understand a perpetually evolving present, it is important to stop and reflect on the innovations that are changing our society. The Discussion is a space for in-depth analysis and discussion on current issues and disruptive technologies with professionals, experts and enthusiasts, to understand together their impact on daily life, human relationships and possible futures.

S01E07: Entrepreneurship, AI as a new industrial revolution, Metaverse, testing of the Apple Vision, techno-social duality of the digitalisation of human relationships: Fabio Lalli shares his visions and experiences on the digital world

S01E06: Generative AI, AI Singularities, Science Fiction and Simulation Theory, a discussion

S01E05:, NFT for loyalty / loyalty / community and entrepreneurship with Miro Radenovic, developer and creator of blockchain and web3 companies

S01E04: Present and future regulatory framework of blockchain, DLT Pilot Regime and AI in the legal field with Emanuele Gambula

The Focus

In an increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, it can be easy to get lost in the intricacies of technology and not fully understand the innovations shaping our future. The Focus section is here to help you navigate through this complexity, explaining concepts that might otherwise seem daunting in a simple and accessible way.
From cryptocurrencies to new paradigms of education, from genetics to robotics, we select the most stimulating topics for you and tell them in an engaging way. Why p
To ride the disruption, you need the right keys to understanding and understanding.

S01E05: Loyalty and engagement: the new web3 and blockchain paradigm

S01E04: Hashrate record for Bitcoin, what it means and what implications for the network

S01E04: Cybersecurity - present and future of AI to detect cyber threats and attacks

S01E04: CRISPR and the new frontiers of Genome Editing - Potential and ethical implications

S01E03: Prompting Tips #01 / Swapping Roles with ChatGPT

Newstalk 🗞️

The news of the week told in an engaging and informal way. In the NewsTalk Gabriele and Kevin comment and discuss the innovations and events that shape our world, from blockchain to biotechnology, from politics to economics.
Because to change the future you must first understand the present.

S01E05: The NewsTalk - Week of November 13, 2023 (EU AI Act, Gen Ai for Business, GPT Customs, NFT Starbucks Odyssey, European Space Summit...)

S01E04: The NewsTalk - Week of 30 October 2023 (Plan B Lugano, Bitcoin ETF and Quantum Computing)

S01E03: The NewsTalk - Week of October 16, 2023

The News without the Talk

Do you find NewsTalk too long? In this section you can find NewsTalk news in individual pills.

S01E05: The NewsTalk - Future of the European space at the Seville Summit: a decisive turning point

S01E05: The NewsTalk - First complete eye transplant

S01E05: The NewsTalk - NFTs and loyalty, with the Starbucks Odyssey case

S01E05: The NewsTalk - Web3 Custody, with the new web3 wallet from... Binance!

S01E05: OpenAI's NewsTalk - GPT Custom, the moment

S01E05: The NewsTalk - From AI to Generative AI / Future of Gen. AI for Business

S01E05: The NewsTalk - EU AI Act, latest updates (and latest blocks)

Guests and Invitees


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