Dear Synapsers,

today is a significant day for the “Synapshow” podcast: it is beginning a new phase of its young life, evolving into DISRUPTIVE TALKS – The Italian podcast about disruptive technologies.

This is a natural evolution, not just a name change: the time has come to take another step towards independence, while maintaining a close connection with our Synapsi community. We believe this is the right path to begin with a product that closely aligns with our initial idea.

DISRUPTIVE TALKS will have its dedicated website, separate social channels, and a team entirely focused on producing the podcast and videos. The goal is to create even more in-depth and frequent content for our listeners.

Marco will remain a regular guest, actively participating in Discussions (interviews with professionals and experts in innovative technologies). Moreover, he will have a preferential communication channel for Synapsi through DISRUPTIVE TALKS. The "Synapshow" indeed becomes a DISRUPTIVE TALKS program, casually aired, and dedicated to the community.

Gabriele Gangemi will take his place in production and co-hosting the podcast, accompanying Kevin on this new adventure.

Great things await DISRUPTIVE TALKS in the next months. We are already in talks to add new distribution channels, as well as expand the production of web and video content on our channels. In short, it's just the beginning!

We look forward to you joining us on DISRUPTIVE TALKS as we continue exploring the world of technological innovation and disruptive technologies together!

Stay tuned!