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Privacy and security: 5 tips to protect your data from bad actors

Worried about your online privacy? Learn how to protect your data with 5 essential tips and 10 extra tips. From strong passwords to using VPNs, find out how to stay safe online. Read the full article for all the information!

AI and Industries: potential and use cases of Computer Vision

Computer vision can bring several benefits to your business, such as increasing efficiency through the automation of inspection and inventory processes, optimizing data-driven decision making, and improving user experience through user recognition and objects. You discover more with this focus

Tools and tools: 10 AI applications and services to save work time

Feeling as lazy as a cloudy Sunday, but it's Tuesday and you still have 8 hours of work to finish and lots of homework to do? Don't worry, we find the perfect tools to save you precious time: it's not a question of working less, but of working better! Find 10 incredible tools in this article.

Blockchain: Web3, new business and value creation models

Web3 and blockchain: the advantages for your business and the relationship with your customers are evident! New business models, data monetization and transparency are just some of the key points. Click on the social link to find out more!

AI and the Metaverse: Augmented Reality for the manufacturing sector

In this focus, we present how augmented reality (AR) is revolutionizing industrial production. AR enriches visual perception by superimposing virtual elements onto the surrounding environment and could offer numerous advantages in the manufacturing sector.

6/15 of philosophy's most fascinating thought experiments to explore the nature of reality

We are convinced that critical thinking and philosophical reflection are key skills for navigating the technological landscape. Thought experiments have always been fundamental tools of philosophy for exploring profound questions about the nature of reality. Here are some of the most famous and paradoxical. We present 6 fascinating thought experiments on Linkedin, Instagram and Facebook, and 15 on Twitter!

Sentence of the SBF trial, a few minutes after the official announcement (Twitter)

Update in the trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, ex-CEO of the centralized cryptocurrency exchange FTX: it was 2 am (in Italian) when it was announced that he had been found guilty of all charges. We were up to update you!

We will go into more detail about this shortly in the podcast.

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