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Web3 and NFTs are changing the way we think about digital ownership and building online communities. These unique tokens are finding practical applications that go beyond simply collecting digital artwork.

Miro Radenovic is a developer who has been working in the blockchain field for years. He shared his experiences and ideas on how NFTs can be used to offer tangible benefits such as exclusive access to events or as a means to democratize asset investing.

In the conversation, it emerged that his platform,, aims to enable everyone, through free and open-source tools, to use NFTs to increase user interaction, and facilitate the creation of web3 communities.

Ultimately, the conversation offered an in-depth and thought-provoking insight into the future of NFTs and Web3, opening a window into a world of unexplored possibilities and the impact these technologies will have on society.

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About Miro Radenovic:

Miro Radenovic

Miro Radenovic is an Italian entrepreneur and blockchain developer. After working for important companies as a consultant, he founded various companies, including, for blockchain development, e, for the creation of web3 communities and NFF membership. is an open source social platform based on blockchain, which allows users to own their content and data. It aims to solve the problems of censorship and lack of privacy of traditional social networks through decentralization. is a cutting-edge platform for creating and managing NFT community memberships. Allows you to easily mint, sell and manage NFT memberships with unique membership benefits. Democratize access to NFT membership.

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Dunes, by Denis Villeneuve.

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